"Through interactive art I intend to investigate the fronteirs of our perceptions of reality related to time, space, the body, and the mind.


To photograph and perform Self RefleXion during the past three years inspired me to create other sculptures, performances, and installations, a series of very fun projects in progress."


I am a multi-media artist born and raised in an environmental preservation in Southeast Brazil in a family steeped in the creation and appreciation of art in all aspects of life, from daily objects to spectacular experiences.


In 2011 I received my Bachelors in Visual Arts with majoring in Sculpture at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since then my work has being evolving through multiple media platforms, including performance, photography, installations and videos.


My most recent work, Self RefleXion (2010), is a body installation made of mirrors presented to the participants as interactive performances and happenings, photographs, video art and installation. Most recently I performed with Self RefleXion at LA Art Show 2016 in Los Angeles.


My performances and projects for installations intersect art with diverse areas with the intent to create experiences that can expand our perceptions of reality and our the relation with the present, the ethereal and infinite. With that purpose, I integrate art with elements of nature and ecology, psychology, philosophy, as well as the physical properties of light and sound, determined to expand our sensorial perceptions. 


I particularly admire the work developed by my great grandmother Lygia Clark, specially her interactive and sensorial art, including her innovative Relational Objects, part of a new concept she created, entitled Structuring the Self. I'm motivated by her freedom and courage to go beyond the limits known, inviting the participants to create an experience based in the present – embracing the boredom, the curiosity and the spontaneity in a playful and sensorial manner,  proposing an art that bring out the innate creative essence of everyone.


The main inspiration for my art is the subtleness of nature, the artistic expression of our existential questions as well as the investigation of the frontiers of mind, body, space and time. With my performances I intend to inspire and invite others to have a direct experience of new reflections.


From Brazil, I've recently relocated from Santa Cruz to Hawaii.







Art Performances, Happenings and Exhibitions: 




01/27/2016 Human Self Reflection performance at the LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles, CA;



Solo Exhibition at Portal Arts Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA;



11/09/1014 Metamorphosis with Self RefleXion in a private group of Solo Utopia, Santa Cruz, CA;

04/19/14 and 05/11/14 Resonance performing Self RefleXion in the Perceptual Nature group exhibit at the Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery.

This exhibition featured Self RefleXion in a live performance, photographs and video art.

03/22/14 Collaborative performance with the artist Amy Kaps at the Frequency 432Hz Art Festival, Joshua Tree, CA;

03/23/14 Happening with Self RefleXion at the Frequency 432Hz Art Festival, Joshua Tree, CA;

03/08/14 Paper Body performance opening the exhibition of Franco Marroco at the Building Bridges Art Foundation, Santa Monica, CA;

03/09/14 Bountifulness performing Self RefleXion and solo exhibition at the Northridge United Methodist Church, CA;

02/24/14 In-Permanence performing Self RefleXion in a group show at the Hudson/Linc Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; 



11/30/13 Happenning  and shooting with Self RefleXion in Puerto Vayarta, Mexico;

11/15/13 Metamorphosis performing Self RefleXion in a group show at the Nebula Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA;



10/11/12 Self RefleXion happening at USC Visions and Voices Kathy Rose Workshop: Image and Performance, Los Angeles, CA



Traveling, shooting and performing with Self RefleXion throughout Brazil and the United States;

06/19/11 Body of Ligh and Shadow, a performance with Self RefleXion and photo exhibition at UFMG Art Gallery, MG, Brazil;



Arbore (in the sound of the wind) - a metal sculpture in a group exhibition at UFMG Cultural Center, MG, Brazil



07/10/08 Dois Peixes fora D'agua (Two Fish Out the Water, 2008), a collaborative performance with Andrea Dario at the 40th UFMG Winter Festival of Art (40th Festival de Inverno da UFMG Arte: Essencial);

06/10/08 - 07/09/08 Between Us (2008), an interactive metal sculpture in group exhibition at the UFMG Art Gallery;





2013 Joined the Los Angeles Arts Association (LAAA);





2013 Self RefleXion by Yana Clark (31 pages art catalog).

2013 Self RefleXion - two pages' image - published on Black Rainbow (French) Magazine;

2011 Photograph of Self RefleXion published on the Grazia (French) Magazine; 



Awards and Recognitions:


2011 Self RefleXion selected finalist of Artist Wanted Competition with images projected on NY Times Square Bilboard on July 18th; NY



Teaching Experience:


2008-2009 Internship at the Museum of Natural History of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, teaching creative workshops on Environmental Art at the museum and throughout Brazil.





2011 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Federal University of Minas Gerais (www.ufmg.br), Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

2006 Certificates in Goldsmith, Stone Setting, Engraving and Wax Modeling at the Technical School of Senai/Fiemg, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.(www5.fiemg.com.br).