My art is a reflection of my existence. It is life-long pursuit of impossibilities, resolving and integrating mutually exclusive polarities: viewer and viewed; exhibitionism and anonymity; ultimately, the simultaneous perception of personal minutia and an all-encompassing “everything.”


      My most recent work, Self RefleXion (2010), most directly addresses the dichotomies experienced in our mental body: its shape-shifting array of micro-mirrors constantly pursuing the integration of everything, literally and figuratively reflecting our existence as fragmented perceptions and experiences.


 Self RefleXion, is an interactiv​e living sculpture from the series Body of Light. Viewers, initially mesmerized by the human form as a glittering compositions of light are rewarded for their closer examination with thousands of fragmented self-reflections. The frontiers of the time, space, body and mind are investigated with the mirrored body. 


    In an interactive pas de deux, every movement of the performer and viewer expresses a point along an infinite continuum of possible images and realities, forging a surreal self-portrait through the body of another, inviting viewers to experience existential and interpersonal questions: I see you... I see myself in you... who are you? Who am I? A reflection of the world? Is the world my reflection?...


   In the beginning the documentation of this   work  was  done  by  guest   photographers invited to register the events, but since 2012 my husband Lucas Bonetti and I became official collaborators.


    This   sculpture   exists   as   performance,  site   - specific     photography,     video    art, installation   and    simply    by   it's   physical presence.    At the end, when a human   body emerges    from    inside   it,   a     fascinating inanimate     object,     a     metaphor  of    our

existence, mortal and continuous, survives as elegant artifact.​​


     I am currently performing with the Self RefleXion and working on the next piece of the Body of Light series. 

My profound gratitude to Richard Amromin and Lygia Clark Barbosa for helping me to express in words my artistic thoughts. 


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