In-Permanence, Hudson/Linc Gallery, 2014

Live Performance


The contemplation of the physical and psychological natural impulses of expansion and contraction experienced by everyone in life. This performance represents the stages and polarities of the mind until the fulfillment with the present moment, when the reality and the interaction is experienced in the heart, with love and spontaneity.


Metamorphosis, Nebulla Art Show, 2013

Live Performance


Self RefleXion in a synesthetic metaphor of the cycles of life. Using the properties of light and sound, the artist attempts to expand our perceptions of reality and our relation to the ethereal and infinite.

The Birth of Self RefleXion, 2010 

Video Art


Self RefleXion: from an amorphous object to a living sculpture. 



In-Permance, 2013

Demo Video Art


Self RefleXion in a synesthetic metaphor of the cycles of life.


Original duration: 5 min

Metamorphosis, 2013

Demo Video Art


The phases of life and it's transforming experiences.


Original duration: 10 min



Ressonance, 2013

Demo Video Art


The rhythm of modern day life and how the transition to the frequency on nature slowly brings the human pulse back to a contemplative state of mind.


Original Duration: 10 min